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April 17, 2006

24: The Body Count Rises

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Well, the Jack Bauer Power Hour just ended, and 24 never disappoints.  Blogs4Bauer already has the blow-by-blow of tonight's episode, but the bodycount isn't updated yet.  I didn't keep track myself, but there were several bad guys who won't be in the next episode.

What I want to know is, when are the Chinese going to figure out that Jack's still alive?  I mean, all the mayhem in L.A. has got to have raised a few flags, don't you think?  And what's up with Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce hasn't exactly been discreet, and it looks like he may have been found out.  And who's going to turn out to be a mole this season?

This season is getting better as we get toward the end.  With the number of people who are suspicous of President Logan's actions (Agent Pierce, Mike Novick, the Vice President, Martha Logan, Karen Hayes from Homeland Security), it will be interesting to see how this ends as we head into the last 6 hours of the season.  Prediction:  The body count will rise.


Jobsearch Update

It's shaping up to be a busy week.

My phone interview this morning went well, and I'm tentatively scheduled for another interview with the company, possibly Friday.  TIP to all job seekers:  ALWAYS send a thank you note after an interview.  Interviewers remember the people who take time to do the little things and show how interested they are in the position.

Tomorrow the Amazing Mrs. Jake and I are meeting with a business broker about a well-priced business in North Chandler with a great cash flow.  We're going to tour the business tomorrow.  Don't know if we'll go through with it at this point, but we'll have plenty of time for due diligence.

Wednesday morning I have a regular networking meeting.  Thursday morning I meet with a franchise broker to explore that as an option, and in the afternoon I have a second phone interview with another sales organization.  I'm holding Friday open for the previously mentioned second interview from today.  I'm also trying to schedule a phone interview with a headhunter for a position I actually interviewed for over a year ago.  Not sure why the position is available again, but the hiring manager is different, so I could have another shot at it.

Later this afternoon I'm going to try to finish my freelance writing job.

And in between it all, the dear readers of Chandler demand their news on the City Council shenanigans.  Fret not, denizens of Chandler!  The Amazing Jake stands ready to direct your attention to the news of the day, right after the daily jobsearch, and sometime after this week's episode of 24. 

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