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June 1, 2006

Gas Price Hysteria Redux

Geo posted the following responses to my post on Gas Price Hysteria (which, by the way, got quite a bit of traffic in the last few days):

  1. Jake, you know I love ya. But really, Michelle Malkin? I’m sure Ann Coulter has come choice venom to spit at Al Gore, too. But some people willingly forfeited their credibility long ago.

    Of course, if I ever post any drivel by the intolerable Michael Moore, please call me on it, too! )

    Comment by Geo — May 27, 2006 @ 8:07 am |Edit This

  2. Oh, I should have said: you make a good point with the marginal increase in cost of a trip based on gas. Of course, a marginal increase in the price of oil/gas effects the cost of goods and services across the board (transportation, manufacturing, etc.) impacting far more than just what we pay at the pump.

    Still, the gas I buy right now borders on US$6 per gallon, so I remain a bit philosophical about a $3/gallon price.

    I wouldn’t buy Evian, though!

    Comment by Geo — May 27, 2006 @ 8:12 am |Edit This

  3. Just a note, so I can’t be said to simply attacking the messenger: Gore actually pays for verifiable CO2 credits to offset the CO2 created when he travels.So he’s definitely sincere about this, and is walking the walk, which completely undermines the whole premise of Malkin’s screed.   Comment by Geo — May 31, 2006 @ 7:23 am |Edit This

 So, not having heard of these "CO2 credits" I googled it, and found this:

We all contribute to global warming every day. The carbon dioxide you produce by driving your car and leaving the lights on adds up quickly. You may be surprised by how much Co2 you are emitting each year. Calculate your personal impact and learn how you can take action to reduce or even eliminate your emissions of carbon dioxide.

And, seeking to neutralize my own carbon emissions, I found this:

This travel calculator will tell you the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is produced by your auto, air, rail and bus travel – and your accommodations. You can use it for personal or group travel. At the end of the calculator, you will have the chance to offset your emissions with wind or farm methane-based renewable energy.

Just fill in the blanks where the calculator asks for information, such as miles travelled or number of hotel rooms. At the left margin, you will see your progress as you move through each section of the calculator. You can skip a section by clicking the silver ‘Skip’ button.

Your total tons of CO2 emissions will appear on the last page: “Your Travel Emissions Results.” From here, you can choose either wind or farm methane to offset 1 or more tons of CO2.

By the way, my own "carbon footprint" comes in at a whopping 25,400 pounds of carbon emissions per year, compared to the "average" of 15,000 pounds per year.  I wasn't able to use the calculator to figure, however, the carbon footprint of Mount St. Helens, or Mount Kilawea, or the Rodeo-Chediski wildfire, or any other naturally occuring event.  It doesn't really matter though – natural disasters can't write a check to offset their offending carbon emissions!

This whole concept of offsetting CO2 emissions is laughable, and is just another example of how limousine liberals like Al Gore think.



  1. Jake – I couldn’t resist sending this link to you….

    Comment by S Chandler Commentary — June 1, 2006 @ 9:59 pm | Reply

  2. Hi Jake,

    You said: “This whole concept of offsetting CO2 emissions is laughable, and is just another example of how limousine liberals like Al Gore think.”

    I’m not sure you’ve actually demonstrated why the concept is laughable.

    1. Paying to support efforts which specifically reduce CO2 production definitely does functionally offset CO2 pollution created by individuals. This is fairly solidly attested.

    2. Natural disasters, such as volcanoes, generate huge amounts of pollutions, yes. And one is tempted to imagine that the massive scale on which they act would easily dwarf anything mankind could do. But the fact is, we’re actually pretty industrious polluters, when it comes down to it.

    There is ample scientific evidence showing that the pollution from manmade causes is far greater than from natural sources. Much more than volcanoes, much more than lightning-induced brushfires, etc.

    A good synopsis of this is from the University of North Dakota, here. As they note, for CO2, sulfur and heavy metals, manmade sources are significantly higher contributors than volcanoes.

    Hence, it’s fairly sound thinking to be talking about offsetting pollution. But it’s not INTUITIVE, and a lot of people still have misconceptions about the science and biases against the messengers. All the more reason why people like Gore are needed to educate folks on the issues. He’s actually doing us a good public service.

    Comment by Geo — June 2, 2006 @ 11:09 am | Reply

  3. SCC, that link is kinda funny. Until you realize that it’s actually proposing that Gore is in the pocket of Big Oil, Big Polluters, etc. I think anyone willing to be honest would have to say, well, that’s just not true.

    In fact, it’s pretty clear who’s really the slave to Big Oil / Big Polluter special interests. I mean, we don’t have to look any further than who’s in the White House, now.

    Comment by Geo — June 2, 2006 @ 11:10 am | Reply

  4. Geo – I just liked it because it was funny and poked a bit of fun at Al Gore…Nothing more than that. I saw some other rather funny movies about George Bush on the site as well…

    Comment by S Chandler Commentary — June 2, 2006 @ 7:54 pm | Reply

  5. SCC, I understand: I like a lot of Jib-Jab’s work. Some of them are a little vulgar (like “This Land”) but most of them are pretty funny! 🙂

    Comment by Geo — June 4, 2006 @ 7:54 pm | Reply

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