The Jake Files


Some would say the Amazing Jake is an incredibly snarky, but inciteful, observer of all things political and pop culture-related. Others say his schadenfreude regarding Old Europe’s self-immolation and his disdain for all things French will be his undoing. His kids just call him Daddy.

The Amazing Jake lives in Chandler, Arizona, with the Amazing Mrs. Jake, two active girls in kindergarten and preschool, and the preschooler’s imaginary friend, Lawrence.

The Amazing Jake can be reached at:  amazingjake (at) att (dot) net.


  1. Thank you for your coverage of the firing of City Manager Mark Pentz.

    Comment by Keith — April 16, 2006 @ 9:35 pm | Reply

  2. Jake,

    I’ve been reading you files for sometime and enjoyed your writings.
    Like to talk to you. Can you provide a telephone number?

    Best Regards,


    Comment by Matt Orlando — April 21, 2006 @ 5:04 am | Reply

  3. […] I got the following from Matt Orlando yesterday, both by comment on the About page, and via email: Jake, […]

    Pingback by The Jake Files » Matt Orlando Contacts The Jake Files — April 21, 2006 @ 2:23 pm | Reply

  4. Hi Jake – Your blog has inspired me to start up a blog as well covering a wide range of topics concerning Chandler. I would like to add a link to you blog as well – with you permission. Please let me know your thoughts.
    S Chandler Commentary

    Comment by S Chandler Commentary — May 20, 2006 @ 11:44 am | Reply

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