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May 16, 2006

Don’t Forget to Vote Today

Today is Election Day, so don't forget to vote in the Chandler City Council Elections!

It looks like Jeff Weninger finally got a website up and running, so check it out.  I've made it clear that Jeff has my vote, and I also voted for Trinity Donovan.

For those who haven't made up their minds yet, let me give you this to think about on your way to the polls today.

There has been a lot of discussion during this race about various levels of community involvement among the candidates.  This one sat on such and such a board, that one volunteered for this organization, etc.  All of these volunteer activities are admirable, but ultimately, not that important in determining the suitability of a candidate for office.

Personally, I find it insulting when candidates and pundits proclaim that a particular candidate is more qualified than another because they have spent more time grooming their candidacy by sitting on boards and commissions.  I find it insulting because that attitude says that I, the Amazing Jake, have no business having an opinion on how tax dollars should be spent because I haven't ladeled soup at a soup kitchen (that YOU know of), or held fundraisers (that YOU know of), or any other worthy, but not-necessary-for-public-office activity.  That attitude says that I, a concerned citizen, have NO RIGHT to feel outraged enough by the actions of my elected officials to stand for office myself, should I feel the calling to do that.  That attitude says that if I feel that outrage I should NOT fill out candidacy paperwork, circulate petitions in support of my candidacy, and start fundraising.  Instead, I should carefully focus that energy into applying for a board or commission post, and then, when my anger has subsided and the councilmember(s) I oppose may no longer be in office, well THEN, I might finally be qualified for office.  Essentially, I should patiently wait my turn while I build a resume.

The Amazing Jake has no such aspirations.  I have the time in my life the same as anyone else, but I choose to spend that time differently.  But I have every respect for those who do choose to serve the community by standing for office.  What I DON'T respect is anyone who tries to tell me that I'm not good enough to do it, if I chose to. 

I'm supporting Jeff Weninger and Trinity Donovan in this race.  I'm actively in opposition to Becky Jackson. 

Jeff doesn't need to explain or justify to ANYONE how he spends his time.  He's a successful business owner, knows how to manage a P & L, and knows how excessive business regulation by the government can ruin a business.  As a prospective small business owner, that's the kind of experience I'd like to see on the council.

Trinity has an impressive background of service, but it's the kind of background that is focused.  You know that her service has been sincere and leading toward something.  I don't get that sense from Becky Jackson.

Finally, I find Becky Jackson's decision to hold office simultaneously with her Chamber of Commerce duties an egregious conflict of interest, and as you can tell by my rant, I am deeply offended by comparisons of her "public service" with Jeff Weninger's. 

Vote today for Jeff Weninger and Trinity Donovan.


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  1. Wow–it wasn’t even close! You go, Chandler voters!

    Comment by A.M. — May 16, 2006 @ 9:46 pm | Reply

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