The Jake Files

April 25, 2006

Ray Pilara Pulls No Punches

From the Chandler Independent:

 “Frankly put, I was (so upset) after seeing how these two council members treated Mark Pentz,” Mr. Pilara said. “What really got me was listening to the diatribe these two men and two lame duck council members launched against him. When I heard them going after Mr. Pentz for no logical reason I smelled a rat. I believe they had a plan to nail Mr. Pentz during his review no matter what. I got ticked when I saw them overtly trying to screw him.” Mr. Pilara said he saw no reason other than politics as the driving force behind the two council members’ criticism of Mr. Pentz’s performance. “There were no valid grounds,” Mr. Pilara said. “He didn’t make any major mistakes. He kept the city in control budget wise. He was well accepted by the majority of his employees. What happened with Mr. Pentz is a charade.”

I also found the quote from Mayor Dunn revealing:

 “There’s a lot of upset people out there over the inappropriate dismissal of the city manager,” Mayor Dunn said. “I consider the firing of the city manager political. There is a council election coming up in May and people can make a difference by voting for candidates who are not aligned with the council members who wanted Mr. Pentz out. We need fresh faces on the council who are fair-minded, objective and independent.” (emphasis added)

So, the Mayor wants candidates on the council not aligned with the Gang of Four?  That would mean he's not in favor of Becky Jackson.


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