The Jake Files

April 25, 2006

McCain’s Sun Lakes Visit

From the Chandler Independent:

 Sen. McCain covered numerous topics but the overriding issue was illegal immigration.

Time and again questioners in the standing-room-only audience of 600 peppered him with demands for a hard line, focusing on border protection.

Sun Laker Roger Pazul, former chairman of the Sun Lakes Republican Club which hosted the senator’s visit, was disappointed he was not calling for a harsher immigration law.

“I was hoping he would tell us he is in favor of sealing the border,” Mr. Pazul said. “most of the people here feel the same way I do.”

Sen. McCain insisted nothing short of a comprehensive policy with a guest-worker program will work.

McCain showed up to talk about the Memorial Airfield on the reservation, but all people wanted to talk about was illegal immigration.

I haven't posted much on the issue, other than the need for greater border security.  There's so much opinion out there I don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said more effectively.  I will say, though, that the more complicated Congress makes this issue, the harder it will be to pass.

I'd much rather see a staged approach (i.e. border enforcement first, workplace enforcement second, citizenship issues last) rather than an attempt to pass an all-encompassing immigration bill that will satisfy no one. 


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