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April 19, 2006

Frank Peake Clarifies Support for Jackson

Two different direct mail pieces hit Chandler mailboxes recently from Becky Jackson, both proclaiming endorsements from Frank Peake, Chris Stage, and Rick Heumann, the three council candidates not involved in the runoff election.  The three candidates endorsed Jackson as follows:

…That is why we are now urging you to join us in voting for Becky Jackson for council.  Becky is recognized as a fair and responsible leader who has the dedication and integrity to meet the challenges of the future.

One of those pieces made a comparison of public service credentials between candidates Jackson and Weninger, with the "evidence" weighted firmly in Jackson's favor.  It contained the tagline:

Becky Jackson has invested countless hours of community service and all of her professional energy to make Chandler a better city… Can Jeff Weninger say the same?

While not exactly a hit piece, it's certainly not the kind of message I would associate myself with if I were a 3rd party endorser of someone's candidacy.

I corresponded with Frank Peake today, and he has clarified his position on Becky Jackson's mail piece.  I'm copying the text of his email exactly:

For the record;While Becky and I do not always agree on every issue, she has in the past shown to work for what is in the best interest of the people she represents.  She has been passionate about the Chamber and I think she can do the same for
Chandler.  Do I think she is the best candidate for the job?  No, quite honestly I think I was the best candidate followed closely by Rick Hueman.  But of the three remaining candidates that I have talked to Becky and Jeff have the better grasp of the issues and what needs to be addressed now.  As to her mailer, her comparison to Jeff Wenniger is technically correct when it comes to community involvement, but I have characterized it to both Becky and Jeff as hit piece and.  I told Becky that she could use my name for support but no longer for hit pieces.

Any comment from Rick Heumann or Chris Stage?


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