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April 13, 2006

Response from Trinity Donovan

The Amazing Jake posted Jeff Weninger's response yesterday to the City Manager controversy here.

I received Trinity Donovan's response to my inquirty this morning.  Following is the text of her response exactly as she sent it:


I appreciate your email.

I attended the 11 hour session where the decision was made.  I have talked to individuals passionate about this issue.  I read emails and other public records regarding Mark Pentz.  I reviewed the evaluations others gave him and the evaluation summary he created for himself.  From what I know regarding this case, I personally did not find an overwhelming set of circumstances that would give cause for the city to dismiss Mark Pentz.  What I did find was an apparent breakdown of communication between a group of bosses and their employee.  I support evaluating our city manager, but the evaluation process needs to be improved. 

As a former CEO and current Vice President, I have had many years of experience evaluating employees.  A review is not the time to bring up new information about an employee's performance.  There should be communication throughout the year, with written documentation if necessary.  Then, the review serves to sum up the year, documenting the achievement of previously agreed upon goals as well as the expectations for improvement and progress on expectations from the past review.

Thank you,


Candidate Donovan brings up an excellent point that I had overlooked in my outrage over this travesty.  An annual appraisal IS NOT the time to bring up new information, but should be a summary of feedback already given over the course of the year.  There should be no surprises in an annual review. 


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  1. […] On April 11th, I sent emails to Becky Jackson, Trinity Donovan, and Jeff Weninger requesting their positions on the Mark Pentz issue with the City Council.  Trinity Donovan responded here, and Jeff Weninger responded here.  Because of my previous experience with Ms. Jackson, I wanted to make sure she received my email, so I sent them to both her campaign email address and her Chamber email address.  Ms. Jackson's response is here. […]

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