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April 12, 2006

Jeff Weninger’s Position on the Mark Pentz Fiasco

Yesterday, I contacted the remaining candidates for city council to inquire as to their positions on the City Manager controversy.  As of this morning, Jeff Weninger is the only candidate to respond.  Becky Jackson and Trinity Donovan have not responded, but I will post their comments if they do.  Following is the statement from Jeff Weninger, exactly as it was given to the City Council on Monday:

Mr. Mayor and Council members, .

             I do not understand how it got to this point.  Mark Pentz is a very bright , kind and successful City Manager by everyone’s assessment, with the exception of four members of this council. Major corporations have spoken up about how important Mark Pentz’s leadership has been. City staff members rated him as succeeding expectations, and in my personal dealings with Mr Pentz, he has been very professional and responsive.

            During the last few weeks, I have seen Mr. Pentz treated incredibly unfairly. He has been put in a position in the press and at Council meetings where he is verbally attacked and has not been allowed to defend himself. I will repeat what I said on an earlier date. If I treated my employees like this, then I would not have any employees left.  Furthermore, if I had an employee like Mark Pentz, I would be working on a way to extend his employment, and I would be  giving him a raise rather than trying to find a way to get rid of him.

            Whatever the outcome here today, this has tarnished Chandler’s reputation!  When four members of the council sully a man’s reputation over petty politics, there is a problem!  Let me remind everyone that in my mind and many others public safety is Chandler’s most important issue. To relieve the City Manager, will cost the taxpayers of Chandler a minimum of $250,000. This is the equivalent of four new police officers for an entire year.  I believe that anyone with a shred of common sense knows that these funds would be better spent on the safety of the citizens of Chandler rather than being spent on personal vendettas. 

            I want to commend Mayor Dunn and council members Caccamo and Huggins for standing by this fine man during this time.I know he and the rest of the city employees are appreciative. I am afraid of the effect that this could have on the morale of other city employees.  When you try to get rid of a man who has been a great steward of Chandler, you can only hope that it does not lead to a further exodus of employees of this great city.

            In closing, I want to implore council members Sepulveda, Orlando and Wallace, and Vice Mayor Westbrooks to reconsider the path that they have taken.  Damage has been done to Chandler’s reputation and morale, but hopefully it can be mitigated by some responsible actions taken by the council today.”

Thank you Mr. Weninger for your response, and your principled stand.  Let's see if the other candidates have similar positions. 

By the way, the East Valley Tribune is supposed to have an update on Monday's meeting.  I won't have time to review it until later, but will post a link and comments sometime later today.


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