The Jake Files

April 9, 2006

Chandler City Council Runoff Campaign Begins

I received the first direct mail piece of the runoff campaign on Friday.  Becky Jackson has apparently secured the endorsements of Rick Heumann, Chris Stage, and Frank Peake.  Of course, she didn't actually tell us in her mailer what positions she is taking on any particular issues.  That would make it too easy to distinguish one candidate from another.

Let's see, if one wanted to determine where a candidate stood on an issue, where would one look?  Hmm.  How about google search?  It's pretty sad that a candidate's web page is ranked 9th in a basic google search, but that a humble commenter such as the Amazing Jake comes up 1st and 2nd.

And what do we find when we follow the link to that candidate's site?  A picture of the candidate playing Scrabble? 

If anyone's interested, here is the sum total of Ms. Jackson's future plans for Chandler


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