The Jake Files

April 8, 2006

Amazing Entrepreneur? The Jury’s Still Out.

I've been researching small business opportunities, and the results have been mixed.  I started out by looking into an existing Quizno's that's for sale in Chandler.  It's got a great location, and the nearby businesses have the potential to really increase sales after their buildout is complete.  The price seems pretty affordable, and I like the food at Quizno's, so I decided to check it out.

I went to lunch there on Friday.  I arrived just before noon, and stayed almost an hour.  During that time, about 30 people came in.  It didn't seem terribly busy for a lunch rush, especially considering the location.  But, the food was good.

One problem with the location – it's in the right AREA, but it's not visible from the street.  Unless you already know it's there, you're not going to see it from the street while looking for somewhere to eat for lunch.  That's a problem.

When I got home, I started doings some research on Quizno's.  That's where the real problems began.  I found this site put up by an association of Quizno's franchisees.  Apparently, a lot of them don't like Quizno's corporate because of the extremely restrictive business practices, among other things.  They also have a related blog here.  I also found a lot of (mostly negative) information at the Franchise Pundit, a blog focused on franchise businesses.

Thus, my flirtation with Quizno's came to an end.

I've been looking at existing dry cleaners, child care facilities, and landscaping maintenance companies.  One dry cleaner in Chandler looks promising for a decent price.  I may call the broker on Monday. 


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