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March 15, 2006

Dunn, Caccamo Re-elected; Runoff Set for May

Mayor Dunn has been re-elected, as has Councilmember Bob Caccamo.  Congratulations to both, and regrets to Frank Peake and Rick Heumann after their elimination from the runoff.

The remaining council candidates will square off in the May runoff.

Incumbent City Councilman Bob Caccamo won his re-election bid in Chandler’s seven-way council race Tuesday. Four candidates, Trinity Donovan, Becky Jackson, Chris Stage and Jeff Weninger, will square off in a May runoff for the remaining two seats.


Candidates Frank Peake and Rick Heumann were eliminated in Tuesday’s primary election.

Donovan, 28, an executive with Valley of the Sun United Way, led the runoff pack in votes counted Tuesday.

Amazing Jake will be taking a break from election coverage to allow the dust to settle before further prognostications.  I will, however offer this. 

Traffic on this blog increased substantially over the past few days.  While we are by no means a Powerline or Instapundit, we are the only blog out there posting opinion on these local races, and as such, have had some interest from those seeking information about the candidates and their opinions. 

I suspect that the runoff will get even more contentious now that the Mayoral race has been established.  The Dunn/Caccamo/Huggins voting bloc remains intact, while the Westbrooks/Orlando/Sepulveda/Wallace bloc will now be down to just Orlando and Sepulveda.  That will make the next couple of months interesting as candidates curry favor with various interest groups.

My advice to candidates?  Make your positions known publicly.  Don’t make people guess where you stand on the issues.  Make it easy for people to understand your priorities and convictions by putting all your information on a website.  Name recognition is good for getting votes from the sheep lazy less informed, but people who are truly interested expect more than big pretty signs.


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