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March 8, 2006

Chandler AZ Council Race – Direct Mail Week of March 6th

In this last full week of the race, the mail is coming fast and furious.  Actually, before I get into this week’s mail, I neglected to post one piece I received a week ago last Saturday.  I got a door hanger from Phill Westbrooks that was targeted directly at my neighborhood.  It mentioned under no uncertain terms:

I will not ever support Wal-Mart on Arizona Ave. and Riggs Rd.  Vice Mayor Phill Westbrooks

It also takes a shot at the Mayor:

Mayor Dunn has failed to manage Chandler’s growth – our streets, parks, and police services are lagging far behind in Southeast Chandler.

So, back to this week.

Chris Stage sent two pieces.  One focused on Ms. Stage’s “commitment to Chandler’s public safety.”  The second highlighted endorsements from Matt Orlando, Patti Bruno, and Martin Sepulveda.

Frank Peake sent a tri-fold pamphlet that highlighted his past public service, including boards and commissions he has served on and/or chaired, and his military service in the Marines.  It also gave some fairly detailed (for a pamphlet) bullets on communication with neighborhoods, fiscal responsibility, transportation and transit, economic development, and long range planning.  It highlighted endorsements from Ernie Serrano, Patti Bruno, Jim Ryan, and former mayor Jim Patterson.

Becky Jackson sent a piece with (predictably) NO positions on issues, and (also predictably) endorsements from the usual suspects, including Patti Bruno. 

Trinity Donovan sent a postcard sized piece that listed some generic bullet points, and highlighted her experience as CEO of ICAN (Improving Chandler Area Neighborhoods).  It also had an endorsement from the ubiquitous Patti Bruno (is there anyone she’s NOT endorsing?), and curiously, a teeny-tiny logo from a union of some sort.  It’s so small, and so illegible, it makes me wonder why she bothered at all.  After much squinting of the eyes, I made out “Allied Printing Trades Council, Union Label, Phoenix Arizona.”  Is this code that she wants the union vote, but doesn’t want other people to notice that she wants the union vote?  Just wondering.

Bob Caccamo had another (orange!) flyer with a total of three (3) bullet points, and endorsements from District 21 state representative Steve Yarbrough, school board president Glen Huish, former mayor Jerry Brooks, and CEO Alberto Esparza of Si Se Puede.   

Phill Westbrooks sent two large, glossy tri-fold brochures with lots of content and lots of endorsements.  Actually, one of them may have been from 2 weeks ago.

Boyd Dunn sent two large mailers, and the Arizona Republican party sent one on his behalf.  This is where it gets interesting.  One Dunn-initiated piece leads with:

Challenger Phill Westbrooks attacked Mayor Boyd Dunn for accepting contributions from developers… What he didn’t tell you:  (followed by a lengthy explanation of Westbrooks’ contributions)

It also labels Westbrooks a hypocrite, and on the other side lists single sentences and fragments of sentences, out of explanatory context, that purports to expose the “truth” behind Westbrooks’ claims.

The piece itself is in fiery, angry red, and does not feature a picture of the mayor.

Now, I don’t know anything about the accuracy or truth of various claims by either candidate.  But I had an immediate negative reaction to this kind of hit piece.  What am I supposed to believe about this:

“maintained exceptional contingency fund balances…” followed by: Westbrooks recklessly voted to spend a portion of Chandler’s rainy day fund!

What am I supposed to do with that?  Am I supposed to look up the minutes of the May 23, 2005 City Council meeting at which Westbrooks made this “reckless” vote and compare to the fragment of a claim, presumably from Westbrooks’ website, to judge the accuracy of this?  This type of attach insults my intelligence.  Obviously I do not have enough information to judge this at face value, and obviously I am not going to dig into this claim.  But I do love the mudslinging – it makes the race more interesting.

The second Dunn-initiated piece was in warm, soothing blues and yellows, as opposed to the angry red of the negative mailer.  It showed a smiling Mayor Dunn, and highlights all the things that Dunn contributed to, a la a badly written resume:

“Led the efforts for…”, “Instrumental in the establishment of…”, Led for the establishment of…”, blah blah blah.

Finally, the piece I’m really not happy with.  The Arizona Republican party really REALLY wants you to know that Mayor Dunn is a Republican.  The word Republican appears 8 times on the mailer, and reads like the party platform with a smiling mugshot of the mayor superimposed on an American flag. 

Again, you know and I know that Republicans in general will do a better job of governing, but we also know that party affiliation is not as important in a local election, as long as the candidate is not a knuckle-dragging, knee-jerk, tax raising, property confiscating socialist.  Which NO ONE in this election is.  


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