The Jake Files

March 7, 2006

Chandler Mayor Campaign Update

Ah, spring…  It must be the smell of mud being slung through the air that makes the Amazing Jake go all tingly inside.  Things are getting nasty between Dunn and Westbrooks, but more about that later.

I’m going to follow the basic outline I used in summarizing the council races, but in the interest of getting to the good stuff, I won’t go into as much detail. 

For information on the candidates’ responses to a questionnaire from Riggs Residents for Retail Diversity, click here

Boyd Dunn is the incumbent mayor.

Cash on hand (not spent) as of March 2nd:  $57,149

Total campaign funds disbursed to date:  $58,748

Contributors:  a lot of them

Endorsements:  Arizona Republic, current councilmembers Bob Caccamo and Lowell Huggins, Chandler Chamber of Commerce, US Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl, Representatives JD Hayworth and Jeff Flake, the entire complement of state representatives and senators from Districts 20 and 21, various east valley mayors, and an assortment of police and fire associations. 

Positions:  The mayor’s website doesn’t really have a section devoted to positions on issues.  He devotes a lot of space to pointing out accomplishments of the city government, without giving specifics, like how he personally voted on various measures.  I don’t know enough about the inner workings of the city council over the last term to know what he stood for versus what he’s taking credit for.  Reading the relative pages on the website, however, it comes across like a poorly written resume of someone who was always on the work team that accomplished great things, but can’t point to his specific contributions in the interview. 

Website:  The design is just OK, and almost seems amateurish.  Not that I could do any better – this site is a template after all, and I don’t have the skills to do web design.  I do know what makes a site readable and attractive, though, and this doesn’t quite do it. 

The color scheme is awful.  The links to various pages are in different places, and the type size is inconsistent.  The written material needs some serious editing.  Alright, so maybe it’s less than OK.  Maybe Boyd could have used some of that $57 grand he’s got left on a professional web designer.

Direct Mail:  this is where it gets interesting.  I’ll put this in a separate post.


Phill Westbrooks is the current vice-mayor, and is term limited on the council. 

Cash on hand as of March 2nd:  $29,358

Total disbursements to date:  $38,010

Contributors:  again, lots of them

Endorsements:  current councilmembers Matt Orlando and Martin Sepulveda, former mayors Coy Payne and Jim Patterson, various Chandler board and commission members, and members of the Phoenix city council.

Positions:  This is where Westbrooks really distinguishes himself.  He’s got a 12-page plan posted on his site, there for anyone to see and critique.  Too much detail to go into here.  Go read it, I’ll wait.

Website:  Again, this is a high point that really distinguishes his campaign from anyone else’s.  The design is clean, easy to navigate and to find information, the color scheme is attractive, and the content is rich.

Direct Mail:  again, we’ll get into that in a separate post.

Any Chandler residents or candidates who have additional insight are welcome to post in the comments.  It’s late, so I’ll post tomorrow on the direct mail I received in the last couple of days.  I’ll also make some recommendations.


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