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March 3, 2006

Boyd Dunn Direct Mail – Chandler Mayoral Election

Well, I haven’t posted on the mayoral candidates yet.  But I did get Boyd Dunn’s direct mail piece in my avalanche of campaign literature today, so now’s as good a time for a review as any.

Mayor Dunn has a lot more money than the other candidates, and his direct mailer demonstrates he’s been spending some of that money.  The colors are vibrant and appealing, and the layout is uncrowded and easy to read.  He also seems to understand the priorities of constituents in the order of his bullet points.

First up is this:  “Adoption of Arizona’s strictest ‘Big-Box’ ordinance that prohibits such development near our neighborhoods.”  Last is a bullet about informing the community about city-wide wi-fi access.  So at least he’s got the priorities straight.

I worry, though, that constituents who haven’t been paying attention might get the impression that Mayor Dunn has been out in front in trying to keep Wal-Mart from inhabiting residential neighborhoods.  Over a year ago, when Mayor Dunn’s influence would have meant something to the fight to prevent Wal-Mart from locating in SE Chandler, Mayor Dunn waited until AFTER the developer withdrew plans to develop the Riggs/Arizona Avenue site with a Wal-Mart anchor before he took the brave leadership step of publicly encouraging Wal-Mart to be content with the Chandler stores they already have.

Anyway, back to the direct mail piece.  On his list of endorsements, first up is Kirk Sipley, Neighborhood Activist.  Kirk’s quote is “Our Mayor, Boyd Dunn, pushed for Arizona’s strictest bix-box ordinance to prohibit this type of development in our neighborhoods.”  Sounds just like the bullet point on the other side, almost word for word. 

When “Neighborhood Activist” Kirk Sibley spoke at the City Council meeting over a year ago, he was representing Riggs Residents for Retail Diversity.  Now he’s on the mayor’s campaign literature, and on his website.  Where does the group stand?  Hmmm? 

I wonder how influential he really is with the mayor, though, when the mayor misspelled his protege’s name S-I-P instead of S-I-B.


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  1. Wow, it’s fun to read these things. I just got back from a year stint in Oregon and happened across this blog. Well the election is over but it’s not too late to set this sensationalist straight.
    First of all, prior to 2 years ago, I didn’t even know Mayor Dunn. When our group was fighting Wal-Mart, we had to quickly navigate the city process and learn the who’s who of town hall. The Mayor and council were actually all for the proposed site, which our group obviously opposed, as you noted.

    We spent 2 months back and forth going to city hall meeting with the council members making good logical argument concerning our case as concerned citizens. However, what meant most to myself was the fact that the city council and mayor were very accommodating, took time out of the schedules, called us weekly to give us updates and for me that was something unexpected.
    Eventually our group raised enough community support that the council fell in line with our group’s position, but win or lose, I was still impressed how our city’s elected officials engaged our group.
    Fast forward to one year later. The council members were working on their elections. I was asked to give an endorsement as a community activist to the mayor’s campaign and was more than happy to do so. Notwithstanding the Wal-mart experience, I was happy that the council was able to bring Fab 32 to Chandler, and thereby keeping myself and other Intel employees employed for years to come.
    Based on my own person experiences with the council I felt that they were moving the city in the right direction and that they were the kind of people i wanted in the office. I also endorsed Bob Caccamo as well because of his years of dedicated public service in the city government.
    And that is the large and small of it. Since then, I have returned back to being a resident of Chandler, employee of Intel and keep my eyes open for any future developments of wal-mart in my neighborhood. I am not an active member of anyone’s campaign, nor am I anyone’s protege. My comments and endorsement were from myself, not representing my group’s position.
    Thank you

    Comment by Kirk Sibley — December 28, 2006 @ 10:45 pm | Reply

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