The Jake Files

March 2, 2006

Jeff Weninger Direct Mail – Chandler City Council Elections

The Amazing Jake’s mailbox has been overflowing of late with direct mail pieces from various candidates.  I posted on some prior direct mail here

Jeff Weninger has been busy.  Yesterday I received the exact same piece he sent a few weeks ago.  That’s right, the one where he took up a third of one side with a picture of him slouching with Senator McCain, not wearing a suit.  The same one that listed “No service fee increases” and “No property tax increases” at the end of a long list of generic priorities like “Provide Police and Fire with every resource needed to fully safe guard the citizens of Chandler.”  That’s great Jeff.  We all want increased police and fire protection, including me.  What I want to know is, HOW are you going to provide that, especially since you’re also promising no service fee increases and no property tax increases.

Perhaps he could have used valuable space on his mail piece fleshing out his proposals a bit instead of telling us all the Republican establishment figures who are endorsing him. 

Today I received another piece from Mr. Weninger.  It had the same content, except the side that previously featured John McCain now features a picture of Sheriff Joe Arpaio along with a quote about providing law enforcement tools.  Guess what?  Jeff was tie-less and jacketless again, but at least he was standing up straight this time.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Under normal circumstances I would be inclined to have a favorable opinion of a candidate that had lined up the Republican endorsements that Jeff Weninger has.  Heck, I DO have a favorable impression of him, especially since he’s a small businessman who understands the burdens of government regulation, has had to hire and undoubtedly fire employees, and yes, is enough of a regular person that he doesn’t wear suits all the time.  I just think the things he has chosen to highlight in his campaign are not likely to get my vote.

Maybe it’s quotes like this:

Mr. Weninger said economic development in the city, especially concerning big box stores, needs to have two components: longevity and sustainability.

Concerning Wal-Mart and other big box stores, he cautions against putting one on every corner. Still, he disagrees with the big box ordinance.

“I don’t think we can just box ourselves in saying it can only go in these places,” he said.

While neighborhood input is key, he said, it is only one part of the process.

“I don’t want to see 20 people making a decision for an entire city,” he said.

Is he completely unaware of the South Chandler outrage about Wal-Mart locating near residential neighborhoods?


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