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February 26, 2006

Weekend Family Fun

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Back before we had kids, the Amazing Mrs. Jake and I went the the Arizona Renaissance Festival, not every year, but almost.  Once the mini-Jakes came along it became a little too much hassle to deal with.  Sure, I know, other people do it:  you see babies in strollers, families with a gaggle of kids, etc etc.  We decided we just didn’t want to deal with it while the kids were young.

Until this year.  My daughters are now six and (almost) five, and we decided we would take them this year.   We went with another couple and their two kids, and we had a blast.  Of course, we spent about a hundred bucks, it took forty minutes to get there (and back), we were in the sun and heat and dust all day, and the girls had way too much garbage to eat, but we had FUN.  The weather was great, we had a great time, and the kids were just the right age to experience it for the first time.  It was hard to see everything, so we didn’t even try.  We saw one joust, and wouldn’t you know it, but we were in the section of the crowd that was supposed to cheer for the French knight.  Needless to say, the Amazing Jake had nothing but contempt for that cheese eating surrender monkey, and was relieved when the English knight triumphed. 

My favorite act is Don Juan and Miguel, who perform swordfighting comedy.   They’ve appeared at this fair as long as I’ve been going (over 15 years), and they announced that this is their 18th season at the Arizona Fair.  They also have a blog, where they’ve posted a few times since the season started here.  If you have the opportunity to attend, make sure to see their show.


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