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February 12, 2006

Decision 2008 – Hillary Clinton

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I was speaking with a friend on Friday about Hillary Clinton’s chances in 2008.  I said that I couldn’t wait for the Democrats to nominate her, citing last week’s Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll.  That poll gave a list of candidates and asked, among other things, which candidate would the respondent “definitely” vote for, and also asked which candidate would they “under no conditions” vote for.  Hillary led the pack in both categories.  It also helps that she loses in every head to head matchup against named Republicans.

When my friend asked why I was so against Hillary, I hesitated for a minute because it seemed so obvious.  I talked about her avoidance of taking stands so she could appeal to the middle, while taking money from the hard left causes.  I also talked about how polarizing she is, as evidenced by the aforementioned poll.

Now come this article in today’s Times Online:

HILLARY CLINTON would make an excellent president, according to Meg Hirschberg, whose husband runs a hugely successful organic yoghurt company in New Hampshire: “She’s amazing and brilliant and smart and lovely.”

So that’s a vote for Clinton in 2008, then? Not at all. Hirschberg is thinking of backing Mark Warner, the former governor of Virginia, a likable, low-key, moderate Democrat who won a traditionally Republican state and, by all accounts, ran it competently. At this stage, it is enough of a recommendation.


“I don’t know a thing about him and I don’t care,” Hirschberg said last week as Warner listened to her husband explaining the finer points of organic farming. “I just want somebody with decent values who can win. It’s nothing to do with Hillary personally. It’s irrational and unfair, but she is polarising.”

If Democrats recognize this fact, it will make a very interesting primary season.  Ultimately, they won’t be able to help themselves from nominating Hillary, but the primaries will ensure that Hillary takes firm positions that put her squarely in the leftist camp, and will ensure that she turns off middle-of-the-road Democratic voters. 


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