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February 9, 2006

Laying the Diplomatic Smackdown on Terrorist Regimes

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Sec of State Condi Rice, laying the smackdown on Wednesday to Iran and Syria:

Mr. Bush, in an Oval Office meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan, said, “We reject violence as a way to express discontent over what is printed in the free press.” Hours later, Ms. Rice delivered a far more pointed message, saying that Iran “hasn’t even hidden its hand in this.” “Iran and Syria have gone out of their way to inflame sentiments and to use this to their own purposes,” she said. “And the world ought to call them on it.”

That was such undiplomatic language for a Secretary of State, and I love it.  Give us more.


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  1. Mayor and Council Members,
    The Chandler Law Enforcement Association (CLEA)is
    compelled to speak publicly about many Law Enforcement
    issues and concerns. Our poor Police response times
    compared to neighboring East Valley agencies, where
    Chandler’s Priority 1 (highest emergency) is 6 minutes
    and 10 seconds, while Tempe is under 5 minutes. We
    spoke about the need to immediately hire more Police
    Officers, since we do not have enough to realistically
    improve our response time and to improve our presence
    in Chandler. Additionally, we spoke about Officer
    safety – the fact that we continue to be outfitted
    with inadequate radio communication, where officers in
    critical incidents may not be able to communicate for
    help, provide a description of a suspect to other
    responding Officers or request medical assistance for
    a citizen.
    These most important Public Safety concerns
    should be the function of our Police Command and the
    responsibility of the City Manager. Mr. Mark Pentz
    has allowed these concerns to go unresolved and two
    years ago directed Chief Kiyler to cut her budget by
    2%, underscoring his lack of support for our Police
    Department. CLEA felt compelled to speak publicly to
    bring public attention and focus to these important
    What was the city managers response to this plea
    for help by Chandler Police Officers? He went after
    our elected leader and threatened him….Shut up, or
    you will not get your raise. CLEA President and
    Chandler Police Officer Paul Babeu came before your
    body to express his distrust in Mark Pentz and to
    publicly report Mr. Pentz’s threat made on February
    22, 2006 during a meeting in his office. Mr. Pentz
    threatened Officer Babeu, while acting in his capacity
    as President of CLEA, to deny a proposed salary
    increase for Police Officers. Mr. Pentz said while
    pointing to the $3.5 million figure in the budget, “we
    do not have to give this to you, I can simply say No,
    so be careful what you say publicly and how you refer
    to me.”
    Where is the City Council’s outcry for justice
    here? Was it acceptable, for the highest city
    employee of Chandler to threaten our leader, who by
    City Charter represents all Chandler Police Officers?
    Mr. Pentz’s response should have been focused on
    solving the problem and addressing issues which
    Officers raised, not a direct attempt to silence the
    messenger with a threat. Mr. Pentz should have said,
    ‘I understand your concern over our slow emergency
    response times….what can we do to improve Police
    Service, what can we do to get better communication
    equipment, how are we lacking compared to our
    neighboring cities and how can we better serve
    Chandler residents?’ Sadly, however, Mr. Pentz forgot
    his purpose as our City Manager and did not provide
    one word of appropriate concern for Police Services!
    Furthermore, Officer Babeu reported Mr. Pentz’s threat
    to Police Chief Sherry Kiyler within the hour of the
    occurrence. Chief Kiyler confronted her boss (Mr.
    Pentz) about this and Mr. Pentz said he ‘did in fact
    mention the raise, but had a different perspective
    than Paul.’
    At your council meeting, Mr. Pentz admitted that
    he made such statements and acknowledged that he was
    aware that Officer Babeu perceived his statements as a
    direct threat and perceived him to be hostile towards
    Officer Babeu, but Mr. Pentz never made any attempt to
    dissuade Officer Babeu or CLEA from this perception.
    Allow us to share the responsibilities of a city
    managers conduct, as written in our City Charter.
    Chandler City Charter 2-8.2. “Conduct. In the
    discharge of the duties of City Manager, the person
    holding such position shall endeavor at all times to
    exercise the highest degree of tact, patience and
    courtesy in contacts with the public and with all City
    Boards, Departments and Employees and shall endeavor
    to establish and maintain a harmonious relationship
    between all personnel employed in the government of
    the City to the end that the highest possible
    standards of public service shall be continuously
    So, Mayor and Council Members, We ask you again.
    Is this acceptable behavior from the City Manager?
    Was it acceptable in your view, that Mr. Pentz
    threatened Officer Babeu and 240 Police Officers, by
    direct verbal threat to withhold our pay raise, if we
    continued to speak publicly about Police service to
    our citizens. Where is your sense of right and
    fairness here? Why do some insist that this man be
    considered for re-hire when there is so much baggage
    and he has chosen a very public and hostile means to
    leave employment?
    When Police Officer John Carboun was wrongly
    fired by Chief Harris – where was your outcry for his
    mistreatment? Chandler has already paid over $200,000
    fighting Officer Carboun’s wrongful termination and
    civil rights violations suit, yet still not a word has
    been spoken by Council Members about the waste of city
    finances. Where was the City Council’s outcry for
    fairness for Officer Carboun, when he was wrongly
    fired for publicly speaking about Officer Safety
    concerns? When a Police Officer or any city employee
    is terminated – we are simply shown the door, with
    little or no public outcry, and certainly without any
    generous severance package.
    Mark Pentz is fired and it’s like he hit the
    Powerball. Truly, Mr. Pentz understands the meaning
    of Golden Parachute, when you pay an employee over
    $250,000 in salary and benefits, after he is
    terminated. Where was the outcry when former Manager
    Donna Dreska was separated in the same manner, with
    $150,000 in separation package and $50,0000 for a new
    Mr. Pentz even said his average rating of
    performance by the City Council was acceptable to him.
    Will you and our citizens accept average performance
    by our Police Officers and Fire Fighters? Do you
    believe that is what our citizens – the citizens we
    are sworn to serve expect when they dial 911? If our
    fellow Police Officers accept mediocrity – it may mean
    our very life, or the life of our citizens. This
    would compromise the high level of Public Safety we
    provide the citizens of Chandler. Our City has
    achieved a 98% high approval rating for the past 13
    years, due to our great work because we meet every
    challenge with enthusiasm and our sincere desire to
    best serve our citizens, not some luke warm desire to
    be average! We expect and demand leaders who lead!
    We and the Police Officers we represent will not
    tolerate a Supervisor, City Manager or elected
    official who deliberately threatens or intimidates us
    in our attempt to speak
    publicly about law enforcement Issues.
    We respectfully ask that our leaders move forward
    and select a new manager, a leader who is free of
    political agenda and controversy. A new City Manager
    who can unite our divided community and City Council.
    Our City should be focused on the real
    issues of build out, economic development, education,
    Public Safety and the quality of life in Chandler.
    The discontent and continued animosity on our City
    Council needs to end. We ask that you work together
    and move our City forward and address the needs of our

    Respectfully Submitted,

    CLEA Board

    Comment by Paul Babeu — April 28, 2006 @ 7:43 am | Reply

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