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February 7, 2006

Can’t Wait for the CNN/MoveOn/Air America Spin on This

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The CIA removed the head of its Counterterrorism Center, Robert Grenier, according to the Washington Post

Grenier, 51, is said by associates to be a polished and smooth-talking man with museum-quality mementos of his service overseas. His boss at the clandestine service, the nation’s senior human intelligence officer, was said to regard him as insufficiently forceful in the battle with al Qaeda.

“The word on Bob was that he was a good officer, but not the one for the job and not quite as aggressive as he might have been,” one official said.

Colleagues in the clandestine service, sources said, had been aware of the poor working relationship between the two men for some time and said Grenier’s predecessor had been trying to force him out for months. Grenier’s resignation was first reported on the Los Angeles Times Web site, which said he had sent an e-mail to colleagues acknowledging he had been asked to leave.

“The director of NCS,” one official said, “decided there was somebody better, perhaps to better match his management vision, so [Grenier] is moving on.”

The official said there was no specific operational problem. Another official said the failed attempt last month on the life of Ayman Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s number two leader, had not played a role in pushing Grenier out.

The armchair spooks will undoubtedly be on the talking head shows and Air America, spinning this as the reason that UBL escaped in Tora Bora, why we can’t find track terrorist messages between Al Qaeda and Al Jazeera, and anything else they can think of.  Can’t wait. 


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  1. well- its been five years, the guy has not been caught it dosen’t take a rocket sceintist to think somebosys going to canned for not even catching a glimpse of the guy… if he is still around.
    It doesnt take much of analyst to figure out somebody is goofing off.
    I mean if a securty guard cant stop graffiti on a wall after a 2 weeks he gets fired from the stip mall right?
    Five years – up 50 million dollars reward- on the worlds ‘most wanted man’ and he’s still out there- some counter-terrorism center indeed.

    Comment by mikeinmanila — May 11, 2006 @ 6:14 pm | Reply

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