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February 5, 2006

WMD in Syria?

Filed under: Military,War on Terror — Amazing Jake @ 1:28 pm

Press reports in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq speculated on the movement of WMD to Syria.  I remember reading multiple sources on this at the time, but the only one I could find without a lot of effort was Powerline

I found it odd, especially during the daily hourly condemnations by the MoveOn croud that there were definitively no WMD in Iraq (and never were), that more attention was not paid to the theories that the WMD were moved.

Recently, reports have been trickling out again, giving more weight to this theory:

John Loftus, a former Justice Department prosecutor, said a civilian contractor who has been among those examining the Mukhabarat files has found audiotapes of meetings in Saddam’s office where WMD was discussed. The contractor, a former military intelligence analyst, will make the tapes public Feb. 17 at a conference sponsored by Intelligence Summit, a private group that Mr. Loftus heads.

Mr. Loftus wouldn’t disclose the identity of the contractor in advance of the conference, but said his tapes have been verified by the National Security Agency. “This isn’t a smoking gun. It’s a smoking cannon,” he said.

Those who have bet their political futures that Saddam had no WMD may be starting to sweat.

I’m looking forward to the public release on February 17th. 


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