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February 5, 2006

Chandler AZ City Council Candidates

The Chandler AZ City Council primary election is March 14th, and it looks to be an interesting race.  Recent political posturing in the mayoral race (with dueling Letters to the Editor in the San Tan Sun Times), as well as the infighting among current council members (demonstrated by the 3-3 deadlock in attempts to temporarily replace councilman Martin Sepulveda as he serves in Iraq), should make this an interesting spectacle. 

I’ve added candidate web page links in the blogroll (Jeff Weninger does not have a website that I’m aware of).  I haven’t picked any favorites yet (well maybe I’m leaning a little bit towards a couple), and I’m most interested in hearing positions on the following:

  • What is the candidate’s position on big box retail development near residential neighborhoods?
  • What is the candidate’s position on the use of eminent domain for purposes of economic development?
  • How does arterial road construction fall in the candidate’s list of priorities?

For the non-Chandler AZ resident, my city is one of the faster growing municipalities in the country, and the city is now approaching residential buildout.  Road construction in the southeast portion of the city seems to be slow and randomly planned.  The city is in the midst of redeveloping the downtown area, and big box retail is a major issue because of past plans to locate close to residential neighborhoods. 

Endorsements will be forthcoming as the Amazing Jake becomes more familiar with each candidate’s positions. 



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  1. […] The most traffic I’ve gotten over the past couple weeks has been on my February 5th post on the Chandler City Council election.  So, in the interest of serving the Amazing Jake’s loyal public, I will be updating the post soon, with some initial endorsements.  Can’t do it now, weekend family activities await, but later today I’ll update on the questionnaire a local activist group sent to the candidates, campaign material I’ve received in the mail, articles in the local press, and finally, the Amazing Jake’s endorsements for city council.  I haven’t made up my mind on the Mayor’s race, but I will post some info on that race too. […]

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