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January 13, 2006

French Aircraft Carrier Stopped by Egyptian-Environmentalist Alliance

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I didn’t even know the French HAD an aircraft carrier:

The misadventures of the French aircraft carrier Clemenceau – once the pride of the fleet – have taken another surprising turn with Egypt refusing to let the decommissioned ship pass through the Suez Canal on its way to an Indian scrapheap, citing concerns that it contained dangerous amounts of asbestos.

The Clemenceau’s two-week voyage, behind a tugboat and with a French naval escort, comes after drawn-out legal squabbling with environmental groups and has sparked a fierce controversy in France and India…
…Hours before the announcement, two activists from the environmental group Greenpeace climbed high on the vessel with banners reading “Asbestos Carrier: Stay Out of India.”
Greenpeace, which has campaigned to stop the Clemenceau from traveling the 4,730 nautical miles to India, or 7,000 kilometers, accused France of acting illegally. Greenpeace contends the ship would pose a risk to Indian shipyard workers.
Will French take Egypt to the UN, or will they act unilaterally to protect their national interests?  (my money’s on unilateral action)  Will France surrender to the Rainbox Warrior?  The Amazing Jake will be closely monitoring this international development.

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