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January 10, 2006

Business Travel Sucks

Filed under: Family,Work — Amazing Jake @ 10:05 pm

So, some may have noticed that I haven’t followed up on the state of the state address yesterday, and I have yet to post once on the Alito confirmation hearings.

The reason is, I spent all day flying to get to Columbus OH for a 2-day business meeting.  My flight got in late, it was raining, and I’ve never been here before.  I forgot to print out a map before I left home, so I was at the mercy of the guy at the rental car company, so it took me a while to find my hotel.

I get to my hotel room, and my options for catching up on the day’s events are:  CNN and MSNBC (Tucker Carlson).  No Fox News, no C-SPAN.  So, while I unpacked, changed, ate, etc., I got a few quotes with the appropriate snarky comments from Jon Stewart.  My hometown senator, Jon Kyl (the OTHER Sentator named Jon from Arizona), hit the bigtime by being mentioned on the Daily Show. 

The other thing that sucks about business travel is I tend to have family crises while I’m gone.  The last time I traveled, the air conditioner went out at home, during the summer, while I was out of state.  Hundreds of dollars, and buckets of my wife’s and kids’ sweat later, the air was restored just before I got home.  This time, my car went out just as I was trying to get to the airport.  So, the Amazing Mrs. Jake had to drop me off at the airport, which is no big deal, but she’ll also have to pick me up close to midnight on Thursday night, with the kids if we don’t find another alternative.  Not to mention the hundreds of dollars it’s going to cost to get the car fixed.

Travel also makes me appreciate my family.  I can’t wait to get home.


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